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Stephanie Holt
Co-Founder, UX Expert & Interaction Designer

Stephanie has over 18 years of experience in interaction design, information architecture, and UX strategy across many industries and technologies including web, mobile, kiosk, and TV. As a partner in Tahiti Blue Interactive she works directly for clients like Microsoft, HP, and Dell and also regularly plugs in with other agencies like Adaptive Path and frog design to help their clients solve user experience problems. Prior to forming Tahiti Blue, she was a partner in software development firm Handwire, a company she helped grow into one of the top 20 web development agencies in Texas. More recently she served as Head of UX Architecture and Design Research at Nokia. Stephanie has also held senior positions at frog design, Mediatruck, and Human Code.

Tim Taylor
Co-Founder, Technical Lead

Tim has been designing and building web sites and applications since 1996. He has worked with a range of clients as small as Austin’s Yard Dog Art Gallery and as large as Dell, HP and Texas Instruments. He has “played every position” in the development process including content strategist, front-end developer, back-end developer, database administrator, and development team director. He founded Tahiti Blue in 2004 where he continues to fill all of these roles and more. Whether it is for Tahiti clients or in collaboration with partner firms, Tim excels at identifying the big issues, sorting through the details, and delivering code that solves problems with the most basic and elegant solutions possible. From the day the cap comes off the white board marker through production, launch, and beyond, Tim knows what needs to happen to make projects and products work.

Mike Royal
Senior Programmer

Mike has 17 years of professional experience developing web applications. He is an expert in a number of programming languages and frameworks with a focus on PHP, MySQL and front-end coding. Mike is an all around amazing person with a special interest in linguistics, machine language and Mandarin Chinese.



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