Enable Impact
Our team is honored to be playing a key role in the launch and ongoing success of Enable Impact a platform where social entrepreneurs, impact investors, and impact programs focused on solving challenging social, ecological, and humanitarian issues can connect and thrive.

Kickoff to First Launch of Product MVP: 3 months, Ongoing Iteration and Feature Additions

UX Consulting
MVP Feature Ranking
Interaction and UI Design
Visual Design
Front-end Coding

Getting Started
Figuring Out MVP Features Based on User Needs

User Journey Map


Early in the project, we worked with the Enable Impact team to thoroughly understand the various audiences within the social entrepreneurship and impact investing space. One of the exercises we went through was to create user journey maps for each of the key audiences that traced how they would go through the process of either finding funding or finding deals.


User Stories

We then worked together to identify user stories. These stories focused on what users want to do with the system not how they would do it.

Making It Real
Design, Build, Test, Repeat

Iterative & Collaborative Process

Through this project Tahiti was responsible for all UI design efforts, front-end coding, and testing of features. We worked collaboratively with Enable Impact’s development and stakeholder team at every step of the way to incorporate cross-disciplinary input into the design.

Wireframes & Screenflow Prototypes

To explore the UI and interaction design for specific features we first created wireframe walk throughs of user interactions. This is a way of working through the detailed requirements for features, prototyping what the user experience will be, and generally experimenting with potential options before committing the time, effort, and expense towards visual design and coding. Ideally, these wireframe prototypes would also be tested with users, but for this project, the budget and timeframe did not allow for user testing.


UI Visual Design

From earlier wireframe exploration and prototyping we moved into the full visual design for the site UI.



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