People Pattern
People Pattern is a social data-mining platform that synthesizes audience information from a variety of social networks using predictive analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning to provide valuable and unique insights to marketers. Tahiti Blue has worked with People Pattern through several iterations of the product interface.

Initial MVP design 3 months, redesign 2 months

UX Consulting
MVP Feature Prioritization
Interaction and UI Design
Visual Design
Front-end Coding

Getting Started
Phase 1 Product MVP

Kickoff Worksession

People Pattern engaged us very early in their evolution when their team included brilliant engineers and marketers but did not include UX or UI designers. We worked with them to understand their core technology, business goals, and the audience that they hoped to serve.

In just a couple of working sessions we were able to help them quickly develop micro-personas for understanding their audience and develop an outline of the features that would be included in their MVP release.

Rapid Iteration of UI and Interaction Designs

From there we spent the next several months working collaboratively with the interdisciplinary team at People Pattern to design the overall architecture of their product and more detailed interactions. The People Pattern product relies heavily on displaying complex data in a visual appealing and actionable manner.

Making It Real
Design, Build, Test, Repeat

Responsive Front-end Coding

In addition to visual design, we also provided the HTML/CSS/Javascript front-end code for a responsive version of the dashboard that would work with dynamic data feeds and included subtle animation effects.



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